Social Existence


We worry a lot about who listens to us or who is looking at us. We put so much effort in making sure we fit in. #Myobservation We too busy worrying about what people will say when in reality we should be worrying about what God will say and what He thinks about us.

We need to seek God’s presence and live to please Him. If you research, you will find out that those who lived to please God got the attention that you looking for. People look up to them, they are respected, admired, loved, consulted when need be, their opinions have so much weight etc… Why? Because God is in them. God is almighty and He is known for His goodness, wisdom and compassion. Good things come to those who are of God and delight in Him… It is not by their power or doing but by God’s wisdom…

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Theo Turns Older

Theo Turns Older

In Life, we all make plans and foresee what we would want to see ourselves achieve.
Fame, Money, Power, Respect.
Well personally, I care for none as a central focus…
I look forward to love, happiness, innovation,

my impact on making our world a better place.
That’s what makes me tick!